January 2019 – Starting the year out fresh.


January 9, 2019.

New month.  New year.  New goal.

Last year, June 2018, I started a new goal.  That goal meant I needed to make changes in my lifestyle.  I started after I read the book “The Frugulista Files” by Natalie McNeal.  This book chronicles her journey over the course of a year as she worked to pay off her debt.  I started in June 2018 with my goal of paying off my car.  In August 2018, I added in my rolling credit card balance.  I started making changes in my lifestyle, cutting down the expenses, and putting all extra income towards getting a zero balance on these two goals.

I started by making a post at the beginning of each month what my goals were, along with some changes I was doing.   Then at the end of the month, I made another post about how the month went and if I achieved the goals I set out to do.

By December 2018, seven months of really working at making changes and living frugally, I was four months ahead in car payments, something that I have never done on any car I’ve ever had.  I was also very close to paying off my credit card, until an unexpected situation came up and I choose to help out a friend.

Today is now January 9, 2019.  As I said, new month, new year, new goal.  As you can see, this post is not being made at the beginning of the month, but rather a little ways in, and the reason for that is because I can say as of today, this morning, I scheduled a payment for my credit card that will bring the balance to $0.00!  I have never been so excited and so proud to see those zeros, because I know of all the work it took to reach that milestone!

I can now, starting today, focus solely on the one goal of paying off my car.  I still owe just under half of the original price on it, but as I learned over the second half of last year, every little bit counts!

And my new goal?  As soon as the car is taken care of, I want to start saving for a trip.  It’s been way too long since I’ve taken a trip and I have a very long list of places I want to see.  It’s very exciting to see a new goal start to take shape, a shift from how can I get this paid off faster to where do I want to go see, to experience, to explore?  It’s a shift from the chains of debt to the world of possibilities.  And it’s very, very exciting.


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